Hunts_framed.jpgMy fine art prints are available in a variety of sizes and mediums, and I can create a print in any custom size you need. When you view specific pictures in the Galleries, just click on the Buy Now button and which will allow you to choose your options and show the price. Below are some more details on my different print options, information on framing options, and a price summary. 

Creating the final print is what really makes the art. A great image on your computer screen does not automatically translate to a great print on your wall. I've invested in the equipment to personally do all of my own printing of most photographic prints and canvas. I do use carefully selects labs for my aluminum printing and extra large canvas and paper. In all instances I control the entire process to ensure the final print matches my own high expectations. All my images are created with archival materials and will last many years. I guarantee my work for life (and hopefully I've got many years to go!), and in the unlikely event there is a problem I will gladly replace the image at no cost to you. 

Photographic Prints

These are printed on archival papers, and treated with a lustre sealer. This protects them from fingerprints and UV lights. My matted prints use archival mats, in white (other colors are available on request). I use acid free artist tape, allowing the mat can be change with no damage to the print. My photographic prints will last many decades without fading, but it is best to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight. If they will be in direct sun, I recommend canvas or aluminum prints, which are much more fade resistant. 

The prints you see at my shows are 12×16 loose prints. These can be framed directly behind glass in a 12×16 frame, or matted to fit a standard 16×20 frame.  

Canvas Prints

My canvas images are printed on an archival artist canvas, and have a protective coating that protects them from fading and color changes by UV light, from airborne contaminants, and from spills and fingerprints.  No glass is needed, and that means no reflections, and the image is easily visible from any angle. Canvas prints are my best sellers at art shows. The canvas, inks and sealer combination I use are rated to not fade for over 100 years! There are three options available:

1. Gallery wraps, where the image is stretched and the image wraps around the sides. No framing is needed, and they come ready to hang. The 10x15 prints are on 3/4" deep, and the rest are 1.5" deep.

2. Framed canvas print. The canvas print is mounted on a board in a premium frame. See below for the frame options. If you order a framed print I will contact you to confirm the frame style you want. 

3. Unframed canvas print. The canvas print is mounted to a board, ready to be placed in your own frame. The 1/8" board allow the print to fit any frame, so a special canvas frame with a deep rabbbet is not required. 

Dye-Infused Aluminum

Nothing matches the brilliance and depth of a dye-infused aluminum print! To create these the images is printed on to a substrate which is then overlayed on to a sheet of specially treated aluminum. They are then placed in a heat press at 425 degrees for 75 seconds. The special ink instantly turns to a gas and vaporizes (infuses) into the aluminum. The image comes to life with colors and hues that are more rich than paper or canvas because the image is infused into the metal, and simply printed on the surface. The surface is scratch-resistant, waterproof and can be cleaned easily. I do use some carefully selected labs whose quality I trust, since I do not have this specialt (and expensive!) equipment.

Infused aluminum prints can either be float mounted to hang 3/4" off the wall with no frame, making for a very modern looking presentation. They can also be framed like a more traditional print. If you order a framed print I will contact you to confirm the frame style you want. 

Framing Options

I offer framed versions of my canvas and infused aluminum prints (Contact me if you need a framed matted print.) In my booth at shows I normally show feature two frame styles, the 300, 83340. I also show some images in reclaimed wood frames, but those are only available in four sizes (12x16, 12x24, 18x24 & 24x36).

The FD-300 in Tarnish Copper is one of the frames you will see at my shows. It is available in any size.

 FD-300.jpg FD-300_Example.jpg


 The FC-2516 is also one of the frames I use at shows. It works great for my larger prints, and is available in 24"x36" and 28"x42" sizes.



The FR-001 work great with certain images. I use them for my beach images, and some rustic subjects.
It is available in these sizes: 12"x16", 18"x24" and 24"x36"



Below are frames that are available in any size


FD-310.jpg FD-200.jpg FD-210.jpg 

FD-506.jpg FD-880.jpg FD-205.jpg 



Specific prices are shown when clicking on the Add to Cart buttons, and include sales tax and shipping or local delivery. 

Photographic Prints

Print Size

Loose Print With White Mat
5"x7" Print (8"x10" Mat) $18 $20
8"x10" Print (11"x14" Mat) $35 $45
11"x14" Print (16"x20" Mat) $45 $60
12"x16" Print (16"x20" Mat) $49 $64
16"x24" Print (20"x30" Mat) $90 $129
18"x24" $99 --

Other size and printing options available


Canvas Prints

Print Size

Gallery Wrap Framed Unframed
(Mounted on board, ready to frame)
10"x15" $89 $139 $89
16"x24" $219 $319 $219
20"x30" $319 $429 $319
24"x36" $489 $589 $489
28"x42" $589 $729 $589

Other size and printing options available


Infused Aluminum Prints

Print Size

Float Mount Framed
8"x12" Print $149 $219
12"x18" Print $229 $319
16"x24" Print $329 $519
20"x30" Print $489 $689
24"x36" Print $689 $898
30"x48" Print $1029 $1289

Other size and printing options available